An introduction to us…

An introduction to us…

We are an Australian girl & a New Zealand boy travelling around the UK & Europe exploring everything that is foreign to us in this part of the world being antipodeans.

As Antipodean’s we are given the privileged opportunity to live/work & explore the UK but only until the early ages of 30, as we fast approach these ages we took the opportunity & moved over on a big jet plane to good old London town in early 2016. Being based in London has allowed us access to Europe too, exploring numerous European destinations on our weekends has been incredible & so easy but this too has proved to be quite the expense, with hidden transfer costs & things just not considered here & there. Our final summer adventure in late August 2016 landed us in France in the alps, hiring a VW golf with our tent, mountain bikes & sense for adventure in toe. We hit the alps for 5 days of mountain biking & exploring which was epic. It made us realize just how easy it could be & how incredible it would be to explore more of Europe this way but in reality, how?

In late 2016, we decided to check out the van market, just to see what we would be looking at. We came across this great ford transit van, a couple had just returned from there summer adventures & needed to be back home in Australia by December. So we landed a van initially we decided to purchase it mainly for weekend adventures but when we decided that we needed to convert it to include all the things we love i.e. our mountain bikes / climbing gear / hiking boots & packs we realised that this was going to be an epic adventure in itself (just the transformation). We got a permit for the streets of Islington in London’s zone 1 & bought two tools; a hand saw & an electric drill. We worked most weekends through winter on it converting it, to include all the things we love.

12 months in London for us had been enough after landing ourselves a pretty kick ass van 9 months in this made us assess what we are doing & what it is that we both really want from the time we have in the UK & what is so close to Europe.

What we both really want includes three main things with a lot of little things in between & they are health, happiness & adventure. For us it’s the simple things in life that makes us tick. We both love getting our hands dirty, being in the outdoors & discovering new things.

Finishing the van (aka Barry) in March 2017, we have resigned from our 9-5 jobs & have hit the open roads to find health, happiness & adventures.