The Luscious Green Country… aka Slovenia

Slovenia, the “Green Country” is more than 50% covered by forest and one of the most water-rich countries in Europe with many waterways lakes and deep aquifers. It is simply picturesque. Before you look below at the photos, one note of warning, when travelling through Slovenia pay the €15 for the motorway/highway pass as soon as

Coffee, Gelato & Amazing Landscapes – Other Italian finds

In the North of Italy, After Leaving Lake Garda, we continued on our search for good coffee, gelato & amazing landscapes.. We ventured south into Tuscany, which won us over instantly, besides the beautiful scenery we found that you could stop at any Tabacchi &/or café and get two cappuccinos and an incredible naughty treat (soft

Wine, Pasta, Olives and technical single tracks of Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy covering some 370km2 with a length of 50km. That’s pretty damn large.  Garda is located in the north of Italy around 3 hours south of Innsbruck, making it a convenient destination for us after the ski season finished up in Austria. We had a good friend visiting


Potatoes, Seafood chowder and breathtaking vistas… In New Zealand Lachlan flatted with a couple of Irish Lads for a year, back in 2011, around the time that NZ won the Rugby World Cup. One of the lads (Phil) now lives near London and so we had caught up with him while living there; however, we