Eating like Kings in the homeland of Nicola Tesla, Serbia

Eating like Kings in the homeland of Nicola Tesla, Serbia

A local guy in Slovenia told us that Belgrade was an amazing must-see city, and incredibly cheap, he was not wrong! On the back of this advice we took a beeline across the top of Croatia, after Zagreb, towards Serbia. Serbia has a rich history with the first slavs settling in the Balkans in the 9th century. Since then it has experienced eras of grand principality, domestic feuds, conquests by the Ottoman Empire, the Balkan wars, and the Yugoslavia era before again becoming an independent state in 2006. Its history and geographic location has left Serbia with a mixture of grand buildings, amazing food and large apparent gaps between the haves and the have not’s. It was not unusual to see both brand new luxury cars and horse drawn carts on the same roads.

In general however, the people were incredibly hospitable, friendly and eager to chat, and curious as to how we ended up in Serbia. We would jump at the opportunity to go back!

A few of our favourite places from our quick 5 day trip through Serbia were:

The Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad. This is where “Exit Festival” is held in Serbia. It’s an impressive fortress with multiple layers of walls and defenses.

For less than 10 Euros you can get two craft beers and two super tasty burgers at Toster Bar in central Novi Sad, located in a large leafy courtyard amongst other bars, a very fun find!

Our mobile data did not extend to Serbia. As a result we downloaded the regions that we were going to visit for offline use. It turned out Google couldn’t always be trusted when trying to find a good route around Belgrade. Barry didn’t take too well to this track….

Belgrade Fortress is a massive place, it includes bars, gardens, a Zoo, a Military Museum and a random Dinosaur park…

Manufaktura is a must do restaurant in the heart of Belgrade. The food is simply unbelievable, the staff are lovely, the fit out is fun & the vibe is very enjoyable.

Across the road from Manufactura is a beautiful art deco building. Kafeterija, is a café, a barber shop, a tea shop & a boutique store. The open plan layout inside is amazing with lots of wood & cooper fittings, along with velvet & patterned finishes. Its where all the hipsters in Belgrade can be found.

The famous inventor extraordinaire, Nikola Tesla, was born in Serbia. There is a museum in Belgrade which has a number of his inventions including the first induction motor that he built.

An app we have come across called ‘Parkings’ is a great app for all campsites including tent sites & motorhome sites across Europe. It lists the sites along with a price or for free. We came across this site on route to Subotica & decided to check it out & it was amazing. Located by a lake amongst the trees with all the facilities you needed, i.e. shower, toilet, good times & the best bit; it was free!