Innsbruck & Skiing Adventures

Innsbruck & Skiing Adventures

We have been in Austria for over two weeks now (doing all the activities, hence the radio silence on new blogs) & it’s been incredible.

Innsbruck is located in the Inn Valley in Tirol, surrounded by numerous mountains offering up a plethora of potential activities and adventures.

Late April and early May can be hit and miss for skiing; however, in the last few years the Alps surrounding Innsbruck have had good late season snow. This allows for epic skiing on a good base with warm afternoons perfect for relaxing with a cold Wiessbeir! From Innsbruck it is possible to drive to around 50+ ski resorts within an hour, although a lot of the ski resorts close in the last week of April, the higher resorts located on the glaciers remain open until mid-May. One, Hintertux (one of our favourites) remains opened all year around, which is pretty crazy to believe but very cool! Over the last few weeks we have skied a total of 9 days and counting with 5 of those days being powder days with snow upto half a meter deep. To say that we have been blown away would be an understatement! To top it off, most people have given up on the season leaving us with the responsibility of squashing the powder all on our own! The following resorts have been pretty epic:

The view from the top of Hochzilertal, a spot we found with some quality powder that was going to go un-squashed… We couldn’t have it!

Hochzilertal is not located on a glacier and is therefore affected by the warmer days in April / May, so when we arrived on the 21st of April we needed to make the most of the powder on this mountain as the resort closed the week before the end of April.

The picture from the view with the loo! Not a bad spot to stop & think.

Zee am Ziler was having an offer on the Saturday we skied here; by wearing a dirndl or lederhosen on the closing day we managed to get a free day skiing at this resort. This resort also offer an amazing view in the loo as you can see from the picture above.

The view from the viewing deck at the top of the Gondola at Pitztal.

Pitztal – Is the highest Glacier ski resort in Tirol, topping out at 3440m, this ensures that the snow conditions stay good late into the season

Skiing on one of the last epic powder days, it was like ‘skiing in velvet’!

Stubai Glatchier – Is a convienient and large resort 45min from Innsbruck. It is included on the local student pass, so should be avoided on weekend powder days; however, its epic for mid-week skiing.

We found a great spot to perch up & practise some backflips, here is one in action. This is near the t-bar at the top of the Eisjoch 6 seater chair at Stubai.

Looking down from the top gondola in Hintertux.

Some evidence of the glacier!

Hintertux – Is another Glacier ski resort and has some of the most breath-taking scenery with massive cliff faces that have been carved out by the glacier, long epic runs and a very lushious lodge!

More ‘Innsbruck & surrounds must dos’ to come in following posts!