Rychlebske Stezky – Riding Bikes in Czech Republic

Rychlebske Stezky – Riding Bikes in Czech Republic

After a somber morning in Auschwitz, Poland, and while planning our next move to travel from Poland to the Czech Republic we stumbled across a cool little biking area, Rychlebske Stezky. It’s located in Czech Republic just across the border from Poland.

If you are into biking, hiking or just being outdoors & amongst a fun family friendly camping atmosphere, a holiday here could be your answer. With the opportunity to camp on either side of the hut / restaurant for less than €4 a night what more could you want. Did we mention the beers are around £1 a pop too!

The Rychlebske Stezky trails are a mixture of old hunting footpaths and specifically built mountain bike flow trails, offering riders the ultimate riding experience. With a mixture of trails on offer there is something for everyone. All of the tracks offer the unique landscape with deep dense forests, gigantic granite boulders, abandoned quarries and idyllic mountain streams. The up hill bike trails are also pretty incredible as they are not just standard fire roads, but tailored tracks through the forest & beside a flowing waterfall. This makes for an enjoyable climbing experience.

The Super Flow trail is the must do trail. According to some fun facts it’s a special route, which was built together with experts from Wales and a guy called Rowan Sorrell and his crew called Back On Track. It is a one of the best flow trails that we have done to date. The track starts off smooth & a little uninteresting but builds up to waves of trail along with banked turns, berms that swing you around the corners & crests that pull you up into the trees.

At the time of our visit some work was being made to ‘Mramorowy trail’ so we had to take a detour but found our way to the adjoining trail, Sjezdy, it isn’t a huge trail, around 110m decent but offers a great clean, crisp ride with a  number of really fun jumps, Hana mastered 3 in a row finishing with a wide smile.

To find out more, check out – http://www.rychlebskestezky.cz/ or visit on facebook at – https://www.facebook.com/Rychlebsk%C3%A9-stezky-217277161616193/

Location: Černá Voda 193, Černá Voda, Olomoucký Kraj, Czech Republic