The Luscious Green Country… aka Slovenia

The Luscious Green Country… aka Slovenia

Slovenia, the “Green Country” is more than 50% covered by forest and one of the most water-rich countries in Europe with many waterways lakes and deep aquifers. It is simply picturesque.

Before you look below at the photos, one note of warning, when travelling through Slovenia pay the €15 for the motorway/highway pass as soon as you get into the country if driving along the motorways/highways, otherwise you will be spanked with a hefty fine. We didn’t know about it and hence didn’t do it & it hurt… OUCH!

The above picture was taken at Vrsic Pass, 1,611m asl, located in the Northwest of Slovenia in the Julian Alps. It is not only the highest pass in Slovenia, it’s the highest in the Eastern Julian Alps as well.

Bohinjsko Jezero is a beautiful lake on the Southern Edge of the Triglavski National Park, near Lake Bled a popular tourist destination. On the western edge of the lake a short walk can be taken to find the Slap Savica, a waterfall that come out of a tunnel in the surrounding mountains.

Hana posing at the top of Slap Savica

We found these on a postcard! The key words to know when travelling around in Slovenia. It’s nice to know a few words at least.


The lakes & rivers are so clear & beautiful.

The Capital City of Ljubljana is incredibly clean, and has a number of cool, unique design shops and tasty beer drinking establishments! A popular spot to check out is the ‘three bridges’.

If your on the sniff for a cheeky bike ride in the Capital City, there are a number of trails located in the reserve at the end of Streliska Ulica. Simply ride over the bridge at the end of the street (Ulica) hang a right and then a sharp left and follow the road up into the forest. The tracks are short but flowey and FUN!

A few stops were made in the forest. Unfortunately it was 31 Degrees Celcius and very humid when we went for a ride! Here’s Hana stopping for a stretch.

Slovenia not only has epic Mountains, Rivers and Lakes, the coastline along the Adriatic is incredibly beautiful with a Mediterranean climate to boot. We snapped the above photo during a quick stop whilst driving along the coast line on route to Croatia.

All in All, Slovenia is a pretty amazing country with some incredible scenery, well worth a visit!